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My Thermostat is Smarter than Yours!

Eric Wilson

By (President)

, Dallas, Texas

Posted on December 12, 2012

nest energy reportOk, so if you've read my other blogs you know that I'm not one to go off on product rants and reviews.  But this one definitely warrants a special "commentary" if you will. Here's how it all started:

A while back my wife made a comment about how "1970s" our home's thermostat looked.  After some research, we signed up to be a certified nest reseller. Now we can offer our customers something more modern, up to date, and has energy savings. I came upon the Nest website.  I won’t get into all the details, because honestly there are just too many cool features to cover in one post.  What I will say, is that this thing is utterly amazing!

After ordering it, I installed it easilyThe Nest Thermostat is crazy smart!  It learns your routines, adjusts to your travel and work schedule, shows you when you're conserving energy, and the cool features just go on and on.

Now, other Nest Thermostat owners will know what I'm talking about, when I say how much we love the Nest "Leaf" display icon, that shows up when we're in a "current savings" state.  What I was not expecting, was the detailed report that I received from the manufacturer.  Seriously, how amazing is that!?

Nest sends out a detailed (and extremely helpful) Energy Report, that tells you in very simple terms, how your Smart Thermostat has been performing.   It is extremely detailed, yet very easy to make sense of, and has already helped us look for new ways to better manage our home's heating and cooling.  the report breaks down total hours used, consumption rates, tips for improvement, and other neat little tidbits of home heating wisdom.

I can not stress enough how much we love our Nest smart thermostat!  It's like a cool little gadget that keeps the family warm or cool, while helping us lower us heating and AC expenses.  If you've not already done so, you must, must, must check it out!

Stay toasty, friends!

Here is an example of a monthly email report you will get. This is what mine looks like.

nest savings chart

A tip for you:

Try turning down
the temperature just 1°F.

Energy use is rising as the weather cools, but we’ve found it takes about a week to get used to a slightly lower temperature. So try turning down the temperature across your schedule by 1°F. After a few days you’ll feel just as comfortable at 69°F as you did at 70°F.



Updated on March 2, 2013

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