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The Nest Thermostat

Eric Wilson

By (President)

, Dallas, Texas

Posted on July 15, 2012

It’s Not Just a Thermostat. It’s a Smart Thermostat

At Wilson Air we take energy-efficient air conditioning installation very seriously. Which is why we are such big fans of Nest Thermostats, which in our professional opinion are unquestionably a pioneer in the energy-management industry, with the development of their highly-integrated, app-controlled, smart thermostats.  Call one of the Next-Certified experts at Wilson Air for more information and a demonstration of this remarkable heating/cooling technology!  

The Only Thermostat that Teaches Itself

Nest thermostats are specifically designed to continually teach themselves how to better manage your home’s constant temperature.  It adjusts itself based on your habits, and in combination with other factors such as indoor and outdoor temperature, weather forecast and others.  In less than a week your Nest thermostat will already have taught itself the basics on how to help your conserve energy throughout your home.  By giving you a snapshot of your home’s energy use, you will be able to constantly improve your utility usage habits.

Here’s something you might not know.  A mere 10% of all “self-programing” thermostats are actually programmed to save you money.  Interestingly enough, 99% of all Nest smart thermostats are currently operating on a schedule that has been built entirely around the lives of their owners.

Nest Thermostats are Easy and Affordable

One of the most impressive qualities about the Next Thermostat system is its simplicity and ease of use.  There’s only one rule: be a good teacher and the Nest will learn well.  By doing things like reducing the heat when you go to bed, or turning the air conditioning off at night, you will be subliminally training the Nest to do them on a consistent basis.

  • Start teaching you Nest right away
  • Watch Nest learn new ways to lower your energy costs
  • Nest adjusts based on you or your family’s schedule

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Habit-Based Energy Management System

The longer you own a Nest, the better it gets at conserving energy in your home, while constantly looking for new ways to save money and control utility expenses. It evaluates the settings you input and then builds schedules and preferences based on how you use it.  Additionally, Nest thermostats have a wide range of features that allow to better manage and lower your home heating and cooling bills.

  • Auto-Away – Automatically lowers the temperature of your house when no one is home, while you’re on vacation, gone for the weekend, etc.  This feature conserves energy like no other smart thermostat.
  • Energy History – Another really neat feature on the Nest is the Energy History display. This feature provides a detailed display, or simple overview, of your day-to-day heating/cooling usage, thus allowing you to be more conscious of your habits.  It’s a great way to be more disciplined when it comes to conserving home utilities.

the nest thermostat savingsSignificant Heating & Cooling Savings, Right from the Start

Did you know that if you lower your temperature by just one degree, you could reduce your home heating/cooling utilities by as much as five percent.  The Nest thermostat has a feature called Leaf.  When you’re saving money, the Nest leaf will appear.  So if you’re seeing the leaf on your Nest, you know that you’re saving money at that very moment.

As time goes on, Nest will become increasingly more conscious of your energy consumption patterns, and will have developed a program to help increase your savings.  Case studies and real Nest customers have reported savings as high as 20%! 

Manage Energy Use Online

The days of arriving to a home that is ice cold or hot as a sauna are a thing of the past.  Now you can simply log on to your Nest account and control your home’s temperature from practically anywhere.  The Nest online management allows you to manage the main features of your thermostat. 

  • Turn on your home’s air conditioner from the office
  • Fire up the heat before you arrive home on cold nights
  • Make adjustments based on changing weather forecasts
  • Control your home’s heating/cooling while traveling
  • Use Nest on the Go with the Nest App for iPhone or Android

Nest Thermostat, Key Features

  • Auto-Schedule – Nest will automatically program itself in about a week’s time. Before you know it, Nest has a schedule in place and is learning how to control usage.
  • Auto-Away – After you’ve been away from the house for a few hours, Nest goes into action by automatically adjusting the temperature to reduce wasted heat or air conditioning.
  • Airwave – Helps reduce AC usage by as much as 30 percent by automatically turning your air conditioning off, while keeping the fan running.
  • Energy History – Get a detailed analysis of your heating and cooling usage, patterns and other helpful information.  See how much energy you’re saving in real-time!
  • The Nest “Leaf” – The Nest leaf shows up whenever your home is in a state of energy saving. If the leaf’s on, you’re doing great.
  • Time to Temperature – Nest will show you exactly how much time it will take to reach the desired temperature.  A perfect feature for home owners in Dallas TX!

Trust Wilson to Install Nest Thermostats 

We are a Nest Installation Certified, and can install a Nest “Smart” Thermostat in your home, in as little as just one day.  We will remove and then recycle your former thermostat, before connecting your new Nest system to your home’s Wi-Fi network.  And to make things as easy as possible, we’ll even give you a helpful demo that covers some of Nest’s coolest and most popular features.

  • Fast Installation of Nest Thermostats
  • Personal Demonstration from one of our Nest-Certified experts
  • An Affordable Home Heating and Cooling Management System!


Updated on August 9, 2013

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