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AirGenerate Water Heaters

Eric Wilson

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Posted on July 24, 2012

airgenerateAirGenerate continues to be a leading manufacturer of superior high-quality hybrid water heaters.  The AirGenerate AirTap Hybrid water heater uses highly-effective heat pumps which conserve water usage and help lower your water bills, while simultaneously providing an unlimited supply of hot water.  All AirGenerate hot water heaters are meticulously designed to provide exceptional water heating recovery rates, so you’ll never run out of hot water while bathing, washing dishes or doing your laundry.

Wilson Plumbing is proud to carry the AirGenerate line of hybrid water heaters in Dallas, and we have many units in stock and ready for installation.  If you’re looking for reliable AirGenerate Hybrid

The AirTap Hybrid heat pump water heater saves energy by providing higher recover rates than standard electric tank water heater so you can worry less about the cost of every bath, shower and load of laundry.

AirTap Hybrid ATI66 is an ENERGY STAR certified water heater that uses advanced heat pump technology to extract heat from surrounding air to heat water within the tank. The AirTap Hybrid ATI66 model is currently the only Northern Climate Speculation Tier 2 water heater; providing protection from freezing and other safety, performance, and comfort improvements.

airgenerate energy effecient

air tapIn Dallas, AirGenerate Hybrid water heaters are among the most popular choice for consumers and professional water heater installers.  They are Energy Star certified and use an advanced form of heat pump technology to conserve energy.  This highly efficient system works by extracting surrounding air  which can be instantly heated for use. 

  • Excellent Efficiency… Even in Cold Weather Climates
  • Powerful 10,000 BTU Water Heat Capacity
  • Highly Durable Construction, Stainless Steel
  • Consistently offers Hot Water up to 135°
  • Choose from Energy Saver, Hybrid or High Demand mode
  • Available in 50, 66 and 80 Gallon models
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer



AirTap hybrid

The AirGenerate ATI66 Hybrid Water Heater is the only tier-2 northern climate water heater, making it capable of preventing a water heater freeze.  It has been skillfully designed to ensure Dallas homeowners the ultimate in hot water heating performance, energy-efficiency, home safety and overall indoor comfort.

Save Energy & Money

  • AirTrap Hybrid water heaters use 70% less energy compared to standard electric water heaters

Experience a More Comfortable Home

  • AirTrap Hybrid operates at a 48 decibel sound level, similar to a new quiet-run dishwasher

AirTap Hybrid Specificaitons:

  • 3 operation modes (Energy saver, Hybrid, High demand)
  • 10,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Produces hot water up to 135 F
  • Backup heating elements
  • 4 way reversing valve for auto defrost
  • 6” top exhaust duct (optional duct in)
  • Available in 50, 66 and 80 gallon models
  • 3/4” condensate line
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • High efficiency in all temperatures
  • Built with Highly-Durable Stainless Steel

Wilson Plumbing in Dallas is one of the DFW area’s leading installers

of energy efficient AirGenerate AirTap Hybrid water heaters!

If reducing your family’s water use is a top priority in your household, ask one of the home plumbing specialists at Wilson, for more information on the complete line of AirGenerate Air Tap Hybrid energy-efficient water heaters call us today.  We’re here to help!


Updated on February 25, 2013

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